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Here are some testimonials from our guest books:

Apt. #1, the "Indian"

What a wonderful place - thank you for a warm welcome & tan!  You have a beautiful garden of sunshine.  We had a great time!! IRB's best kept secret!
- St. Petersburg, FL

Apt. #2, the "Garden"

It was so beautiful.  The water was crystal clear and the dolphins really put on a show!  Wonderful memories. This is like visiting a friend's home... charming warm & comfortable. The Garden was just magical..sunrise in the hammock, sunset in the water - kissing.
- Dallas, TX

So nice to find a beach place from the past!  Old time comfort abounds.  We even found the perfect time to get engaged!
- Islamorada, FL Keys

This is the greatest for restoring our minds and spirits until we return next year.
- B. Alley, Frankfort, KY

Apt. #3, the "Tarpon"

Jim & Laura:  A bond for life and made better by the sea.
- D. Wallace, Destin, FL

What an incredible find.  Truly a beautiful and romantic place.
- Brandon, FL

Apt. #4, the "Heart"

Back to my childhood! You have a beautiful place.  Colonial Court Inn is  fantastic - This was a memorable vacation - walks on the beach seeing the sunset every night and just plain relaxing and sleeping so well!  We met some real friendly people and all had fun together.  Hope to see you next year! How neat that we stayed in the "Heart" - close to each other being sister-in-laws - mother -in-law and sister.  We all enjoyed our stay, peaceful place!  What a "serendipity" find.
- Tennessee

Apt. #5, the "Lighthouse"

When we make the annual turn into Colonial Court Inn's drive, I always say "We're home again!" This is year 5 for us at the Lighthouse and God willing, we'll be back in '06.  The house, the sand, the surf and the blue sky, a magnet that draws us back to our winter retreat where we have no decisions greater than where are we going to play golf and where are we going to eat dinner.  Ah, these days of wine and roses!
- Michigan

Apt. #5A, the "Starlight"

Thank you for being such an important part of our Family's Christmas memories since 1989.  We have taken pleasure in coming to Colonial Court and are always so amazed by your welcome.
- Quebec, Canada
The air is sweeter, the water more inviting, the sunsets more sublime than last time.  Thank you Laura & Jim for helping make my dreams come true!  It is Heaven on earth here!
- Roger & Roberta
Had a great time celebrating Stefan's 30th birthday.  This place was heaven sent.  The view out of this bedroom on the morning of my birthday was what I was dreaming of & I shared it with the woman I love & I had one of the greatest feelings I have ever had!
- Simon & Stefan, Germany


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